Cristine Lahti is American actress and director. Born in Brimingham, Michigan,

4 April 1950 to Elizabeth Margaret, a painter and a nurse, and Paul Heodore Lahti, a surgeon, she has gained her first recognition entertainment business as best supporting actress in the academy awards. That recognition leads Lahti become more popular among audiences. She took drama as her major in her college. However, before devoting her life in acting industry, she worked as waiter and did commercial soon after she graduated and moved to New York. Her debut as an actress was at the late of 70s. at the beginning of her career she like to act in big screen, but in early of 80s she chose more roles on TV as her willingness to stay closer to her three children. During that time, she gained more popularity and made her name very more popular.

In 2001, Lahti who is the wife of Television director, Thommas schallame, began his career as a movie director without leaving her actress career. Her long dedication in entertainment business signs that she is not young anymore. For that reason, she must always maintain her appearance. Taking role as wife, mother of 3 children, Lahti definitely really maintains her appearance very well. It ‘s might be her way to stay popular in Hollywood.

christine lahti plastic surgery

It has been 45 years since her first landing in business entertainment. However she can still show her exsistance as senior actress. Her pretty familiar face still appears often in the screen. Recently, she even appear sin a different looks. Her current face is smoother and tighter than before. Without questioning at this point, some people conclude that she has undergone plastic surgey. Her current look is not a look for woman who has aged very nicely, but it is more like result of going under the surgeon’s knife. Looking at her deeper by some photos that are considered as Chistiane lahti before and after surgery, it can be found that Lahti looks so different with her current look.

Perhaps, Christine Lahti plastic surgery was done to correct all her imperfectness after getting aging. Now she looked younger than her real age. Her saggy skin is lifted to make it thighter, and her wrinkle line is filled by botox injection. These actions make them appear 25 years younger than she is actually. And fortunately, she has not overdone the plastic surgery, the result is kind of wonderful. She succeeds to maintain her aging without turning her lovely look into plastic-doll.

Christine Lahti Plastic before and after plastic surgery – she admits to have plastic surgery

Facelift works magically on Christine Lahti’s face. A veteran actress, Christine Lahti also admitted that she has conducted facelift. For her, aging is worst thing since she has to appear perfect in front of audiences. That’s why hiding the signs of aging is quite necessary for her. Various treatment provided to maintain youthfulness, but no treatments can work as effective as plastic surgery. This 64 woman endured Facelift to get rid all the wrinkles and sagging facial skin. Despite its painfulness, the tangible results make facelift become her first choice. Besides facelift, a celebrity who has aging problem, as well as Lahti also applies Botox injection. It’s like that “The Law and Order” star has got Botox injection on on some area in her facial skin.


Looking at Lahti Christine Lahti before and after plastic surgery, Botox’s role can be seen on some area of hers, especially the cheeks and forehead. Christine Lahti before plastic surgery photos show that Lahti begins to have sagging cheeks skin, while the photos of Christine Lahti after surgery indicate that her cheeks are fuller as if she were in her 30s. And her forehead also looks very smooth but not too tight after plastic surgery, then botox injection seems to wonderfully to remove the sign it aging. Overall, she still looks very good in her new face. Christine Lahti plastic surgery never makes her fans hate her. Her openness to admit her plastic surgery should be appreciated.

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